The Company 公司簡介

Wesco Philosophy 經營理念

Westermann & Co. was founded in 1867 as a family enterprise based in the Sauerland and looks back on a company history of more than 145 years.

The brand Wesco stands for metal manufacturing in the classical manner - a combination of excellent German quality, an exclusive design and high tech functionality. A long experience in manufacturing and high tech form a perfect unity giving Wesco products their unique design.

Soon after its establishment, the company specialised in the processing of metal plates for household goods and has since continuously extended the range of its products.

In the 1920s, Wesco introduced the "ash can" into its product range, after the war it launched its first "pedal bin".

Today, the range of design-goods includes various wastebins and kitchen accessories. What they have in common are the classical Wesco-design aspects: The proportions are perfect. They have the retro look while at the same time appearing very modern and the form consistently follows the function. And most important: They are colourful! Wesco design is characterised by the company's long-standing experience with metal as working material. Because we are familiar with the material we work with, we are able to shape it in a new and exciting way.


M.Westermann & Co.Gmbh 成立於1867年,是一個擁有140多年曆史的家族企業。時至今日,企業產品類別已涉及”煙灰桶”系列、“垃圾桶“系列、”收納類家庭用品“系列等、依著長時間積累的精湛工藝,秉承德國傳統的經營理念,旗下品牌Wesco以卓越的德國品質、經典獨特的歐洲風格設計,完善的功能性享譽世界。